We went to movie world today.

It was fun — lost in a world that’s created for us.

Lost in a world of make believe.

Lost in someone else’s vision.

It gets me to thinking about my vision and what I’m creating, but how it needs to come from within.

I’m the guru, and others add value and information to my life.

I get to decide what comes in and what I think about things.

I get to decide what to let go of.

So let’s slow down, get clear and walk forward — into our vision.

Today I was proud of:

  • not writing this for 2 more days (on the 22nd) and reflecting back,
  • being playful in Movie World and
  • buying a Superman cap — it was time for a replacement…before my Soul Hour caps arrive!



Susan Scollen

Susan Scollen

I'm a Holistic Health Coach and I inspire mums and dads to live the life of their dreams, right where they are xo