2021: Planning — Day 25

  • 1:1 coaching
  • Membership
  • Nourish You
  • Soul Hour
  • My Home is You
  • Essential Oils
  • My podcast
  • Writing my story (book)
  • Daily tasks — these are things that have an allocated day in a Monday to Sunday e.g. Soul Hour happens on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
  • Other tasks — these tasks don’t fit into a Monday to Sunday but they have a designated time when they’re due or when they happen e.g. BAS is the 28th each quarter (Jan, Apr, July & Oct)
  • Space for — these are tasks that are more ad hoc (at the moment) but I need space for them whether weekly or fortnightly or monthly e.g, Podcast interviews, writing copy, new client calls etc.
  • Admin tasks — generally one offs e.g. update my podcast intro and outro now that I have an amazing microphone, or ongoing admin tasks like email
  • Homework — outcomes from meetings, trainings or coaching sessions that I need to follow up on. For clarity, when I say coaching sessions — this is when I’m the student not the coach. Yes a coach needs a coach :)
  • Projects — one off things that I need to create space and time for to deliver e.g. Soul Hour — the landing page, payment arrangements, booking system, content etc.
  • Not worrying about the things I can’t change. I forgot to put my alarm on last night for Soul Hour today — I thought I had put it on. I sent an apology email and followed up with apology messages to those who attend, and then started putting in place contingencies
  • Playing music that lights me up. I do this regularly, but this is telling me to ‘let the old ways die’ — it’s time to get help and to trust people to support me.
  • Eating nourishing foods regularly, and really listening to my body. Even though I prepared morning tea for Chris and Teddy, I wasn’t hungry but my mind was telling me differently — I didn’t eat, I waited 1 more hour for lunch and I wasn’t hungry in my body. There is a difference between mind and body hunger — tune in next time you think you want food xo




I'm a Holistic Health Coach and I inspire mums and dads to live the life of their dreams, right where they are xo

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Susan Scollen

Susan Scollen

I'm a Holistic Health Coach and I inspire mums and dads to live the life of their dreams, right where they are xo

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